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People are your

greatest asset

People are your

greatest asset

Elite Training of Louisiana employs a wide variety of skilled and experienced trainers who have extensive expertise in corporate, educational, healthcare, and manufacturing environments. Over the years, our trainers have provided training for a multitude of companies involved in diverse types of manufacturing, construction, public service, healthcare, farming, food processing and other industries.

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Leadership & Team Member Development

Provide leaders with foundational skills and concepts necessary to reach potential and improve performance.

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Safety Training

Strategic safety plan is a business compass keeping your organization pointed in the right direction — accomplishing your safety mission.

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Team Building

Explore the different stages of team development and discover how to manage each to maximize productivity.

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Customer Service

Build your organization on etiquette, deal with angry customers, and workplace communication.

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Kind Words From Our Customers

"He was thorough and made sure we interacted, was entertained all while making sure we understood."

Aijalon Fields, Foster Farms, 6/7/2024

"Your interactions and breaks were perfectly timed. I did not lose interest at any time. Well done!"

Angela Galde, Neighbors, 4/20/2024

"If this situation happens then I will definitely do what is needed to be done to try ans save a life or my own life either at home or on the job."

Angela Harrison, Lamb Weston, 7/10/2024

"I really learned a lot today from my training. We all had a good time learning."

Anquanisha Williams, Foster Poultry Farms, 6/7/2024

"Great job! I learned a lot. Thank you!"

Brad Jones, Weyerhaeuser Timberlands, 6/18/2024

"I learned how to be a better effective leader. I also learned that not everyone is ok with being called out to be recognized. Always make sure it's ok before doing it."

Bridgette Davis, Hydro Extrusion, 6/10/2024

"Dawn has been instrumental in our success over the last 16 months in the Talent Development training. Her real experiential knowledge is invaluable to the sessions as well as her delivery. "

Candy Gerace, Hunt Forest Products, 4/2/2024

"The trainer was very thorough & did an awesome job."

Carolyn Hunt, Foster Farms, 6/28/2024

"The training was very useful and understanding. I will use all the facts that I have learned today and really appreciate it Mr. SeDerek Baker."

Charkeycceya Williams, Foster Farms, 5/24/2024

"Employees thoroughly enjoyed the instructor and the training received in their OSHA 10 class. "

Cody Lewing, Weyerhaeuser Arcadia, 4/4/2024

"SeDerek Baker taught us a few things we were unaware of and maintained our attention so we received the information better."

Cora McHenry, Foster Farms, 5/24/2024

"Keep doing what you do. People actually learn and don't fall asleep"

Crisleidy Pichardo, Foster Farms, 6/21/2024

"A1 trainer I cannot lie"

DeVante Payne, Foster Farms, 6/7/2024

"The trainer was amazing. He broke it down and went over it to where everyone could understand it and get it through their heads."

D'Marshea Banks, Foster Farms, 6/21/2024

"Ricky did a fantastic job, made class very easy to sit in."

Don Staples, Foster Farms, 7/8/2024

"Ricky is a fantastic trainer. He is very engaging. He uses stories & anecdotes to really bring the lessons to me."

Elijah Finister, Neighbors, 5/8/2024

"The pace & content were very appropriate. Nice infusion of breakouts."

Elijah Finister, Neighbors, 6/12/2024

"The training was very thorough and interactive, we loved LaWanda!"

Emma Hamilton, Syrah Technologies, 4/23/2024

"I will be a more active listener and empower all team members by engaging with them more often."

Flosscina Marshall, Hydro Extrusions, 6/13/2024

"The training was most informational by SeDerek Baker. He is a great teacher."

Georgette L. Robb, Foster Farms, 5/24/2024

"Trainer was easy to listen to & presented material very well. Good job!"

Gregg Williams, Ingersoll Rand, 2/14/2024

"The trainer makes the topics easy to learn and fun. I always leave the sessions with new learning."

Harold Harper, Hydro Extrusion, 6/10/2024

"Thank you! I was having a bad morning and you turned the day around."

Holli Schuler, Weyerhaeuser Timberlands, 6/25/2024

"LaWanda always performs above expectations when she visits our facility. You know by her preparation and presentation that she cares about what and how she teaches."

Ian Orten, Andritz, 7/16/2024

"LaWanda is quite skilled in helping others understand how the soft skills truly matter in the professional environment."

Ian Orten, Andritz, 7/9/2024

"The trainer was very good. Provide a lot of information."

Ida Walker, Foster Farms, 6/6/2024

"Great use of stories/personal anecdotes. "

Janelle Briggs, Neighbors, 4/10/2024

"SWOB is a great team excerise (It may be good to revisit in 3-6 months); No such thing as time management, only self management."

Jeananne Oldham, Neighbors, 7/10/2024

"This training gave us insight about our different personalities and behavioral habits. We were able to see how to make adjustments in how we operate to have more effective communication and a more efficient leadership team. "

Jeananne Oldham, Neighbors, 5/13/2024

"The training was interesting and thought provoking. "

Jeananne Oldham, Neighbors, 5/6/2024

"My second class with SeDerek. Presents information in a way that keeps your attention and keeps all involved."

Jean Gallion, Alliance Compressors, 2/9/2024

"The training as a whole was entertaining, educational, & interactive."

Jeff Jones, JELD-WEN, 5/8/2024

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and provided great anecdotal evidence and application."

Jeff Jones, JELD-WEN, 3/13/2024

"As in the other classes I've had with Dawn, she is enjoying, tells great, applicable stories, and keeps everyone involved."

Jeff Jones, JELD-WEN, 5/9/2024

"The materials were appropriate and conveyed the concepts well. I enjoyed the interactive activities that promoted critical thinking and application."

Jeff Jones, JELD-WEN, 3/13/2024

"The training was very helpful. The instructor did a great job & helped me understand the information."

Johnny Deiter, Ingersoll Rand, 2/14/2024

"Very good class. Everyone is the plant needs to go to this training or something similar."

Josh Lutiker, Hydro Extrusion, 6/13/2024

"I think you did an amazing job. You had interesting & fun activities that the whole group enjoyed."

Kali Hebert, Neighbors, 6/12/2024

"Excellent class. The trainer made it a fun and interactive session."

Kenny Haynie, Neighbors, 7/10/2024

"You are doing an excellent job. Communication and building the relationship with your class and that helps to open up and communicate."

Kevin Glaze, JELD-WEN, 3/15/2024

"You do a great job Dawn. I have enjoyed these trainings."

Kevin Glaze, JELD-WEN, 5/8/2024

"SeDerek Baker came and effectively provided the information the best way possible."

Keyonne Mays, Foster Farms, 5/24/2024

"[SeDerek] was a great trainer. I have a fresh memory now about everything."

Kyon Dismuke, Foster Farms, 5/24/2024

"Trainer was very knowledgeable of topic. Explained & gave great examples. Great class!"

Lakesha Willis, Alliance Compressors, 2/2/2024

"Ricky was great! No dull moments - very interactive."

Lance Enkey, Neighbors, 4/10/2024

"Great reminder to work on the work / home balance. It will not happen on its own."

Mark T. Russell, Andritz, 7/9/2024

"The trainer was very professional and knowledgeable "

Martha Higgs, Lamb Weston, 7/10/2024

"Training has been very good and informational."

Matthew Woodward, Hydro Extrusion, 6/13/2024

"As always, Ms. Marshall was AWESOME!"

Megan Joiner, Alexandria Housing Authority, 2/21/2024

"Thank you for an interactive and educational training."

Megan Leedy, Westrock Services, LLC, 6/11/2024

"I thought the class was great. Very interactive, switched the teams up constantly so everyone had to work with everyone."

Megan R. Soileau, JELD-WEN, 5/8/2024

"I will know what to do and what not to do. Watch my surrounding area to make sure my work environment is safe to work in."

Nateria White, Foster Farms, 5/24/2024

"Mr. Ricky was a very good trainer."

Ophelia Duke, Foster Farms, 6/13/2024

"He is a great trainer. He knows how to not only explain things verbally, but he also gave a great physical demonstration too."

Sheldon Bottley, Foster Farms, 6/21/2024

"The leader did an excellent job engaging the group, evoking participation, and delivering the overall message."

Tanya Cortez, Neighbors Cookies, 6/12/2024

"All good marks on my end. Very good job. God bless, sir."

Thomas Hale, Hydro, 4/9/2024

"Ricky has the ability to make the entire classroom session feel like a conversation. Makes time fly by."

Thomas Hale, Hydro Extrusion, 6/11/2024

"The class was very interesting and I appreciate how the class was redirected when they got off subject. He also kept it smiple so everyone could understand."

Tiffany Wilson, Foster Farms, 6/28/2024

"Dawn presented the materials in a way that kept everyone engaged and motivated."

Tim Norman, Hunt Forest Products, 4/2/2024

"Dawn did an outstanding job with facilitating this class. "

Tim Norman, Hunt Forest Products, 4/4/2024

"Very informative training"

Wendy York, Hydro Extrusion, 6/13/2024

"Great responses from the training audiences"

Wimbley Morrison, Lamb Weston, 4/2/2024

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